Adopter Updates





 “Sirius loves his sisters and will groom them both. He gives us kisses all the time and lots of head boops. He still sleeps with me or Garrett every night. He goes between us. When we go out adventuring he loves to find the fallen trees to play on. He also loves car rides to our local coffee shop to partake in a pupichino. He hops when he gets excited and chases his own tail or his sister's. He also comforts me if I'm sad or upset. He will wake from a dead sleep and run to me to give kisses and lay on my chest while he purrs. He's an amazing little boy and we are beyond thankful for him. He was made for our family and he brightens our day.” 



 Winifred (now Bleu 💙) has an amazing new mommy and a furr sister named Olive. She’s already getting lots of love and attention and has settled right in. She curls up in mom’s lap and climbs her like a monkey, she’s so in love!



 His new family named his Simba. He loves to type emails for his new dad. They say he is the absolute sweetest! He cuddles so nicely, but is also super active and playful. He has become part of the pack with the dogs. He sleeps in their daughters room. He just wants to be with everyone all the time! Everyone loves him so much and he’s made himself at home.



These girls are now named Ruby and Jade. They were adopted by John, someone I've known since high school. They get a lot of love and affection from him and his roommates. They are big time cuddle cats and love playing just as much. 



These to crazy twins have an Instagram page where you can keep up with their antics and shenanigans. It's been such a joy seeing them in my feed as they grow up. They are still extremely close and I'm thankful to their forever family for keeping them together

Adopter Updates



 “Thank you for taking care of her and helping her get better! She seriously makes me so so happy! I love her kisses which she gives me alllll the time. She is perfect and makes our home complete 💜 She literally makes my heart melt. She has such personality! She’s keeping Chance and Romie young too 💜 I couldn’t thank you enough! You truly are amazing inside and out. It takes a huge heart to do what you do! This world needs more ppl like you!” 



  “Savannah is such a perfect addition to our family! She’s so good with our daughter and our dog. You did an amazing job with her. She’s the most social cat I’ve ever met💕” 



"She is in love with her new home! She cuddles all day and night and is playful with no limit to her energy. Anytime you'd like to hear let me know! I have pictures of her lounging and playing if you'd like. She is loved and is my little princess."

POP TART (now betty)


 “She’s doing great! It’s been fun watching her explore the house and play with the kids, she seems to be settling in really well. She will be so loved here, the girls were incredibly mellow when we showed them and very careful not to scare her it was cute. Dyna is seriously soo excited it's ridiculous. They play all the time. Dyna won't leave her alone. She hasn't stopped smiling! It's soo sweet. Dyna has literally never been so happy. They play all the time and tire each other out. Then cuddle with each other.” 

KIT KAT (now coco)


"Kit Kat loves her new mom and followers her around every where from room to room. Her favorite toy is a crumbled up piece of paper with makes for hours of cheap and easy entertainment."



Monkey's doing GREAT!! We love him so much.  Quite a character.  Monkey is perfect name for him - if he had a tail he'd swing from a tree like a Monkey. He's curious about EVERYTHING & wants to get into every cabinet or drawer & likes to be up HIGH!!! He is so cute and so sweet. He & our other cat are good pals. He has gotten HUGE. Hard to believe he was such a little boy when we brought him home. Thanks again for all you did to bring him to our family!!!!!!!