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Amanda Hodder - KRL founder

My name is Amanda and I'm based in Southern California. I've always had a fierce empathy and fondness for animals. Through most of my working life I never had a job I truly pursued with passion. I joined the rescue world in 2017. Since then I've earned experience in many different aspects. I became a coordinator for a non-profit. I am now independently fostering. I have experience in severe medical cases, bottle feeding, socializing and trapping ferals, microchipping, vaccinating, administering medication, screening adopters, social media marketing, and much more.


Garrett Mac Mullen - Cofounder

Meet my partner in life and rescue. He manages to work a laborious, full-time job 6 days a week and still makes time to help out. If we need to go get meds, he’s my roll dog. If we have a sick foster he helps me syringe feed. If we have seven bottle babies he’s on the floor with me feeding and stimulating them. He holds while I administer fluids, meds, and vaccines. He’s my silent partner that doesn’t get the praise that I do but as a team we've saved many lives and I'm excited to see what the future brings us with KRL 

Our affiliates

Love Your Feral Felines


LYFF is the non-profit organization I coordinate for. Their mission is to save feral, underage and under-socialized cats and kittens. I started with LYFF a month after they began their kitten program. It has been an honor to help grow their program into the success it is today. Since the beginning of the program they have saved over 600 cats! LYFF also advocates for TNR (trap, neuter, release) and has had a barn cat program since 2011 that has rescued THOUSANDS of cats! 

A special thank you to Christine, Melissa, and Sally for sharing your knowledge and passion for rescue.

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