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To save at risk kittens that otherwise wouldn't stand a chance. I prefer to focus on severe medical cases and orphaned neonates. With my knowledge and experience I hope to change the future fate of this undiscovered population in need.

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How I'm Helping the Cat Population


My rescue efforts focus on the young and neonate kitten population. These underage kittens are at high risk in the wild and in shelters. I provide a clean and safe environment for them until they can be adopted. I'm experienced in treating sick or fading kittens and I've saved lives by following my medical protocols. I have experience socializing and trapping feral kittens, and I'm a huge advocate of both TNR (trap, neuter, release) and spay/neuter programs. In my free time, I volunteer as an Adoption Coordinator for a 501c3 cat rescue.

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With Kitten Rescue Life being 100% volunteer operated, donations help guarantee longevity in my rescue efforts. Your generous gift will help me fund our shared mission, to help those most in need. Together, we can make a difference. 

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Because of your donations, Kitten Rescue Life was able to save 30 kittens in 2018 and we've already saved 22 from January to April 2019. Please check out the donate page to learn more about helping us save more lives.


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