Quesadilla's Story

Fluid Filled Lungs


Quesadilla came to me with pneumonia, he had aspirated on milk prior to being in my care and now his life was at risk. It was up to me to save his life.

Incubator Baby


For weeks Quesadilla required around the clock care, unique feedings, and breathing treatments. He almost lost his battle many times.

Progress Finally


After weeks of intensive care Quesadilla was finally reunited with his siblings who were already enjoying life outside the incubator. 

Healthy and Happy


Quesadilla grew up to be healthy and happy. I am so thankful for his health and for the time I spent with him. 

Bea & Pea's Story

Urgent Plea

Baby kittens black cats black kitty

We received an urgent plea to take in five newborn kittens with possible congenital defects. The odds were not in their favor. Unfortunately we lost three within a couple days. 

Defying the Odds


Beatrix and Peter continued to defy the odds of their survival. Along with around the clock bottle feeding every two hours they received subcutaneous fluids, B12, and karo syrup.

Growing Strong


The two knuckle headed goofballs had some ups and downs throughout the weaning process. Bea became gravely ill and we worked diligently t bring her back to health.

Ready for Adventure


These babies grew to be so strong, fun, and confident! They were pre-adopted thanks to a friend and they live together in Los Angeles, California. 

Skittles (Before & After)

The First Few Days


Skittles was in bad shape. We were told if we didn't get to her she would've died within five hours. Her eyes were sunken, ribs were showing, she was cold to the touch. Her body was shutting down fast. For a couple weeks it was around the clock care. Every two hours she would be syringe fed, given meds, and stimulated to go to the bathroom.

Getting Stronger


After a few weeks her eyes were no longer sunken, her belly was plump, she was out of the woods. Skittles was my first major medical case. To know a life is saved because of you is a feeling I will never tire of.

Adoption Day!


Skittles was pre-adopted by one of my oldest and dearest friends. She fell in love with her story and had to have her. Finally the day came for Skittles to head off to her forever family with Cierra and her new furr siblings Romie and Chance.

Happy and Healthy


Sometimes I can hardly believe this is the same cat I brought back from the brink of death. Seeing her go from less than 100 grams to a chonky happy cat is why I do what I do. Knowing how loved they are comes close second.

Beans (Before & After)

'Rescue Me' Photo


Reputable and respectable shelters often send photos of at-risk animals to rescues. That is how we got Beans. She was petrified and it took weeks to build trust with her. We originally decided to take her in because Skittles was a singleton and needed a friend. I thought naming a kitten after frijoles was as adorable as it was funny.

Slowly but surely


At this point she was still unsure about us. She spent a lot of her time with Skittles and the other two kittens we took in. Once she started trusting us it was all over. No more hiding, no more running. We quickly learned she was a tail sucker. The other kittens always had wet tails which we assumed was from the water dish.

Getting Bigger


Beans was out longest term foster. We ended up having her for almost seven months. The older she got, the harder it was to find her a home. She didn't show well at adoption events. Not many people are willing to take the chance on an older timid cat when she's surrounded by younger more social kittens.

Finally Home


We ended up finding Beans a great home with two other kitties and a great cat mom. It was so hard to let her go, Beans is one I would've kept. But in rescue we have to learn to let go so we can continue rescuing more cats and kittens in need.

Space Bear (Before & After)

A Rocky Start


Space Bear's story reminded me of Skittles. From the shape they came to me in, to their similar looks. Space Bear required meds, bottle feeding, subcutaneous fluids, and around the clock care.

Getting Better


Eventually, like Skittles, he gained weight, his eyes became normal, and he started looking like a normal cat.

Ball-less and Flawless


The night before his big day! Space Bear was neutered and found his forever family right before Christmas. They give him lots of love.

All Grown Up!


I love getting updates from adopters. Space Bear is long and lanky now. I'm sure he will fill in the older he gets but it's so cool to see how much he's grown in just two months.