KRL Programs

Foster to Adoption Program


Our Foster-to-Adoption program allows us to rescue at-risk kittens. These kittens are on euthanasia lists or in dangerous outdoor situations. We place them in loving, caring homes where they safely await their forever families. This program allows us to both save kittens and help families find their perfect new addition(s). We take in sick and orphaned kittens as well as at-risk adults.

Feed the Ferals Program


The Feed the Ferals program began in October 2019, in honor of a kitten named Egg. Through this program we are able to donate food, supplies, and funds to TNR advocates. Kittens are cute, but what's not cute is the 1.4 million cats and kittens being euthanized every YEAR. By supporting TNR, we will help prevent thousands of kittens being born just to suffer and die. 

Educational Program


Stay tuned for more info early 2020!

Feed the Ferals Inquiries

Want to be considered for a Feed the Ferals donation? Drop us a line!

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