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Beans first came to me mid-June. She was very shy and distant. It took time for her to open up and trust. Now she acts like a normal kitten. She needs a family who will be patient and give her time. Also a family who lets her cuddle on the bed and doesn't care about the wet spot she leaves from suckling on her tail. 

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Frito is cool like a cucumber. He doesn't put up a fuss and just goes with the flow. He's playful and loves other kitties. He will do great with kids and other animals.

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After 3 years, Wednesday was abandoned by her family. I'm not sure what she went through in that time but for the first week I had her she barely ate, hid almost 24/7 and didn't use the litter box for days. After a lot of time and effort building trust, she has blossomed into a wonderful and loving cat. She will fully collapse on you and wrap her arms around you as if she is hugging you. She needs to be the only pet in the home, and prefers to spend her time with a male or couple that's retired or works from home.

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